Six thousand seven hundred scholarships and counting...

Scholar Profiles

Antony is a remarkable scholar with a heart of gold. As a brain cancer survivor, Antony aspires to become a neurosurgeon so that he may be a ray of hope to those who have experienced what he has endured. Antony enjoys participating in the Key Club, Pinoy Club and Bible study group. His unshakable determination is uniquely matched with an optimistic approach to life.

Antony Alvarado
Carson, CA

Anna is captain of the safety patrol team at school. As captain, she ensures that all students are at their designated posts and the environment is safe. When she is not patrolling the hallways, Anna is involved with the math team at school. In her spare time, Anna enjoys reading, as well as playing soccer and frisbee.

Anna Pettis
Seattle, WA

Corey is the Senior Class President at his school. He is responsible for hosting events for his senior class and for voicing class issues and desires to his administration. He is also a member of Student Government. Corey’s favorite hobbies are photography, volleyball and reading. He enjoys being a member of both the men’s volleyball and basketball teams at school because it challenges him on and off the court. 

Corey Dunbar
San Diego, CA

Megan Rosenberger’s environmental passion began while growing up in Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania after a devastating rainfall flooded her community. She began to work with worldwide organizations to educate her community about rain barrels and their positive impact on pollution and flooding reduction. In 2012, she was awarded the President Obama’s Environmental Youth Award. Megan was also awarded the title of United States Miss Teen Eco 2012 and Miss Teen Earth Pennsylvania 2012. In March 2015, Megan launched her nonprofit, Barrels by the Bay, which brings awareness to the annual United Nations World Water Day, March 22, while educating individuals within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed about water resources. Megan attends the United States Naval Academy. She is a political science (international relations) major and aspires to obtain a graduate degree in environmental policy. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her parents, Jack and Polly, and sister, Liz.

Megan Rosenberger
Annapolis, MD

Hala is a Junior Cadet for Girl Scouts where she has the opportunity to participate in many community projects and learn more about social and civic responsibilities. Hala is also a member of sports teams including soccer, swimming, lacrosse, basketball and field hockey. When she grows up, she hopes to to become a lawyer to help protect people's rights.

Hala Silverstein
Glenwood, MD