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Scholar Profiles

Londyn has many talents, including leadership, creative writing, swimming, singing, acting, and dancing – and she enjoys dance styles such as ballet, jazz, and West African. She is always eager to learn more and often shares her insights with others. When faced with a challenge, she works hard to overcome it.

Londyn Davis
Pittsburgh, PA

Harvey is willing to go above and beyond classroom requirements to learn about topics in-depth on his own. He is enrolled in the most challenging courses available to him and displays a strong work ethic and positive attitude for learning in every subject. He is an exceptional leader and other students regularly turn to him for guidance and direction.

Harvey Hershberger
Salisbury, PA

Kayvon is enthusiastic about learning and never misses an assignment. He is willing to go above and beyond to help others and always volunteers to help his peers. Kayvon is part of his school’s after-school drumming ensemble where he learns about African culture. He also enjoys playing baseball, basketball, and football.

Kayvon Howie
Pittsburgh, PA

Maggie is a homeroom representative with the Student Council and is an editor of the middle school newspaper. She uses her leadership skills outside of school as well, volunteering at her church to help in the church office and when they have events. Maggie is described as a voracious reader who is intrinsically motivated to succeed.

Maggie Leone
Pittsburgh, PA

Every week, Jeffrey and his sister go to the park across the street from their house and clean up trash that others leave behind. Jeffrey also enjoys tutoring other students and is working on a plan to provide this service to others on a more regular basis. In class, he has a positive attitude towards learning and is a great role model for his peers.

Jeffrey Martin
Pittsburgh, PA