Nov 14, 2016

Ben Carson Reading Day

View photos from the event here!

“My kids loved watching the video of Dr. and Mrs. Carson. My six-year-old said, “I wish every day were Ben Carson Reading Day.”
– Christina Rodriguez

What is Ben Carson Reading Day?

Ben Carson Reading Day is an annual event held in conjunction with American Education Week. It is designed to raise awareness about the importance of reading and to promote daily leisure reading.

When is it celebrated?

Celebrated Monday, November 14 through the rest of the week.

How does it work?

To celebrate, students can view a special message from Dr. Ben Carson and narration of the children’s book The Raft by Mrs. Candy Carson. As a young boy the author, Jim LaMarche, used to spend his summers at his grandparents’ cottage in the woods. He reflected upon those experiences to write the story. The Raft is about exploring wildlife, developing special relationships and discovering your talents. Parents are encouraged to celebrate Ben Carson Reading Day by spending quality time reading with their children and viewing the book narration. Children not attending a Ben Carson Reading Room school can view the narration on our website during the week of November 14.

Sponsored by:

James A. & Ruth D. Neff Historical Foundation


Countdown Until Ben Carson Reading Day!

Remaining Time

DATE: November 14, 2016

Featured Guest Readers include:


Dr. Nancy Grasmick — Wellwood International School
CSF President

Amy Warner — Mary Ann Winterling Elementary
CSF Executive Director

George Roberts — Norwood Elementary School
Community Superintendent

Dr. Kregg Cuellar — Randallstown Elementary School
Community Superintendent

Ginger Wich — Bedford Elementary School

Richard Slutzky — Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary School
Harford County Council President

Patrick S. Vincenti — Prospect Mill Elementary School and Bakerfield Elementary School
Harford County Councilman – District E

Rochelle “Rikki” Spector — Arlington Elementary/Middle School
Baltimore City Council Member

Karen Blannard — Dogwood Elementary School
Community Superintendent

Mike Perrone — Edgewood Elementary School
Harford County Councilman

Joe Voskuhl — Southampton Middle School
Harford County Board of Ed Vice President

Dr. Penelope Martin-Knox — Milbrook Elementary School
Community Superintendent

Todd Crandell — Norwood Elementary School
Baltimore County Councilman

Jennifer Gilbert — Halstead Academy
News Anchor

Michael Hitchings — Meadowvale Elementary School
Havre de Grace City Councilman

Laura Runyeon — Magnolia Elementary School
Harford County Board of Ed Member

Mrs. Marlene Young — Wolfsville Elementary School
Friend of the CSF

Katie Damaroda — Graceland Park – O’Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School
CSF Scholarship Director


Candy Carson — Allamanda Elementary School & Westward Elementary School
CSF Co-founder

Sande Constantine — Westward Elementary School
Palm Beach County Chapter of the CSF

Shannon Cake — Westward Elementary School
Host of ‘The NOW South Florida’ WPTV

Ric Blackwell — Allamanda Elementary School
CBS 12

Darla Natole —  Indian Pines Elementary School
Palm Beach County Chapter of the CSF

Jeff Janower — Coral Sunset Elementary School
Reading Room Supporter


Mr. Ed Price — Union Hill Elementary School
Friend of the High Point Community Foundation

Lu Ann Debolt — Mallard Creek Elementary School
Domtar Events & Operations Coordinator

Michael Morris & Dan Wernick — Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

Chelsie Velnosky — John Q. Adams Elementary School

Michelle Osborne & Kevin Bennett — Old Pointe Elementary School

Jill Williamson — R. E. Davis Elementary School
Executive Assistant, Thompson Companies

15 Domtar Volunteers — L. F. Henderson Intermediate School

Jim Obalski and Guests — Lake Park Elementary School

Lori Russelburg — Foust Elementary School

Mrs. Jean Magnant — George W. Julian Elementary School
Reading Room Supporter

Jahaziel Garcia-Perez — Lake Park Elementary School

Isabel Espinoza — Lake Park Elementary School

Jeff Kruger — Lake Park Elementary School


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