Nov 29, 2016 12:00 am

Giving Tuesday



Because of you, we were able to make #GivingTuesday a HUGE success. The Carson Scholars Fund was able to fundraise $40,000 on #GivingTuesday and we could not have done it without you!

Thanks to your donations, we are able to give back to education – whether it’s through awarding high academic superstars through our Carson Scholars Program or creating reading room throughout the country through our Ben Carson Reading Project.

We would have not reached our target without you!

Giving Tuesday

Remaining Time

DATE: November 29, 2016 11:59 pm

$40,000 RAISED
$40,000 GOAL


  • G. Fanning
  • L. McGowan
  • J. Jaeger
  • A. Scott
  • B. Seymour
  • P. O'Rourke
  • L. Thomas
  • P. Hodgdon
  • J. Newbery
  • D. Yates
  • J. Vacca
  • D. Lee
  • I. Scheineson
  • J. Dougherty
  • E. Manning
  • C. McMillin
  • E. Hendricks
  • F. Casagrande
  • L. Keala
  • S. Kurtyka
  • C. Clark
  • M. Colligan
  • J. Richards
  • J. Rosenberg
  • D. Ashley
  • S. Kartchner
  • J. Hoffman
  • M. Eickemeyer
  • T. Hess
  • C. & S. de Fasselle
  • K. King
  • B. Greenspan
  • J. Classe
  • M. B. Moore
  • H. Cramer
  • L. Munzer
  • A. Warner
  • R. Miskimen
  • L. Barringer
  • W. Guckert
  • M. Slaker
  • M. Shiffer
  • S. DeSpirito
  • G. Morrow
  • S. Soulema
  • L. Livingston
  • C. Black
  • L. Miller
  • J. Millican
  • P. Crockett
  • C. Pingry
  • R. Steinhilber
  • L. Adkison
  • H. Vandeventer
  • C. Ballard
  • J. Apkarian
  • S. Allione
  • A. Neu
  • B. Johnson
  • N. Briscoe
  • R. Reynolds
  • K. Ericson
  • E. Tomassini
  • I. Neporent
  • L. Roy
  • C. Naab
  • S. Wells
  • L. McDonald
  • C. Hoffman
  • C. Gilman
  • Z. L. Winchester
  • W. Sherman
  • Y. Swanson
  • P. Bennett
  • N. Irwin Hentschel
  • R. Werth
  • K. Black
  • K. Strandelius
  • S. Grande
  • C. McCoy
  • C. Evans
  • K. Pillow
  • B. Carson
  • C. Carson
  • K. Jackson

One day. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds to help CSF give back to education.

On November 29, 2016, the Carson Scholars Fund will be participating in #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving.

This year, the Carson Scholars Fund believes there is nothing more important than giving back to education. Our goal is to raise $40,000 in 24 hours and any gift, large or small, can truly make a difference.

Because of you, students, like those in the video above, are able to fulfill their dreams of becoming a doctor or being the first in their family to attend college.

* If you would not like to be listed in the Donor Scroll, please specify so in the comment box on the Donation page. Thank you! 

** Please make sure all Giving Tuesday donations are earmarked Giving Tuesday in the preference box on all other Donation pages.


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