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Think Big

There are currently no Think Big Presentations scheduled. Please continue to check the website for updates.

To reserve seats for your school please email with the following information:

  • Name of school or group

  • Address and phone number of school or group

  • Number of students/chaperones attending. Please note that we require groups maintain a 10:1 student-chaperone ratio. 

  • Due to the advanced content of the slide show and Dr. Carson's lecture, we will only accept reservations for students in grades 6-12.

  • Groups cannot be larger than 200 guests total—students/chaperones

  • Contact name

  • Contact email and phone number

  • 1st choice date

  • 2nd choice date

We will do our best to reserve your first choice date and will contact you if we cannot do so.

You will receive confirmation of your reservation along with information for the presentation within two weeks of Carson Scholars Fund receiving your email. Please make sure that your email is complete with the group information so that there are no delays in your reservations. Do not send your $50 donation to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center until you receive confirmation from Think Big. All Think Big reservations will go through our website.

If you have any questions, contact Jo Weisgal at


What is Think Big?

Several times each year, Dr. Carson gives Think Big presentations to children and adults from schools, youth groups, and camps. Presentations are held at Turner Auditorium at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. During these 75-minute slide show presentations, Dr. Carson discusses his career as a surgeon, other medical careers, and his philosophies on life and success. The presentations are free of charge for groups of 49 or less. All groups must have a reservation, regardless of size.

Groups of 50 or more are now required to make a donation of at least $50 to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. The donation will be due at least 6 weeks prior to the event in order for registration of groups of 50 or more to be confirmed. This became mandatory due to a large number of groups cancelling at the last minute.



Johns Hopkins Children's Center Development Office
100 N. Charles Street, Suite 200
Baltimore, MD  21201
Attn:  Jennifer Balzano

We require that groups maintain a 10:1 student-chaperone ratio.

Groups or schools are only eligible for attendance consideration every other year due to limited availability.

*Since Dr. Carson takes 75 minutes out of his incredibly hectic surgical schedule to give this lecture, he must return to his patients immediately and is unable to meet with any attendees or sign any autographs.

Videotaping is strictly prohibited at Think Big.

Please send questions to


For inquiries regarding Dr. Carson's speaking engagements, please visit the Washington Speakers Bureau website.


THINK BIG is Dr. Ben Carson’s philosophy which promotes outstanding academic achievement and dedication to helping others. Children, students, and adults have all found that when they THINK BIG, they are on their way to achieving their goals.

T is for Talent/time: Recognize them as gifts.

H Hope for good things and be honest

I Insight from people and good books.

N Be nice to all people.

K Knowledge: Recognize it as the key to living.

B Books: Read them actively.

I In-depth learning skills: Develop them.

G Dr. Carson’s "G" is for God. Everyone has their own beliefs. When you THINK BIG, what does the "G" stand for in your life?


Dr. Carson explains, “The ‘Think Big’ expression is another way of restating one of my mother's favorite sayings, when I was struggling in school and teased by classmates." She would tell me, “You can do anything they can do, only you must try to do it better.”

THINK BIG became Dr. Carson's formula for personal success. In his book with the same name, he sets forth his philosophy of living by drawing upon his youth experiences, and present profession as Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. To learn more about THINK BIG or to purchase one of Dr. Carson’s books and/or dvds, please visit our online store.