Our People

Carson Scholars Fund Board of Directors and Staff

Carson Scholars Founders

  • Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D.

    Co-Founder & Board Member

  • Candy Carson

    Co-Founder & Board Member

Carson Scholars Officers

  • Lee Warner


  • Nancy Grasmick, Ed. D.


  • Wes Guckert

    Vice President

  • Graylin E. Smith, CPA


  • Ben Carson, Jr.


Board of Directors

  • David W. Bower

  • Murray Carson

  • Cordell Carter

  • Gregg Cooper

  • Cody Crowell

  • Fran L. Donahue

  • Zack Dudan

  • Dave Kaspary, Jr.

  • Ryan Miller

  • Yves Mombeleur

  • Tony Rose

  • Brigadier General Anthony Tata, Army, Retired

  • John Vingsen

Associate Leadership Council (ALC)

  • Harish Rangacharya

  • Grace Fogel

  • Emily Wood

  • Joe Wyrwas

Carson Scholars Fund Staff

  • Mary Anne Benton

    West Texas Reading Room Coordinator

  • Tammy Blazenyak

    Director of Reading Rooms

  • Rachel Brown

    Scholarship Director

  • Katie Coleman

    Executive Director

  • Bridget Devoy

    Graphic Designer and Scholarship Coordinator

  • Ally Dilworth

    Program Expansion Coordinator

  • Kay Geoghegan

    Special Projects

  • Amani Green

    Reading Room Program Coordinator

  • Jen Kuhn

    Executive Assistant

  • Pam Marshner

    Development Director

  • Jessie Monteleone

    Southeast Expansion Coordinator

  • Lacey Richards

    Special Projects

  • Jo Weisgal

    Events Coordinator


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