Scholarship Supporters

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Carson Scholars Fund scholarship program. Our generous supporters have allowed the Carson Scholars Fund to award over 10,500 scholarships across the country. We are able to award Carson Scholarships through annual donations and lifelong endowments. An annual donation of $1,500 will ensure that a school or region of your choice will be able to guarantee a Carson Scholarship award to one of their students. An endowment of $30,000 can create a lifelong commitment to one school or region and guarantee the selection of a Carson Scholar each year.

Contributions are vital to the fulfillment of Dr. Carson’s dream of recognizing and rewarding our nation’s highest academic achievers. Please visit our Support Us page to make a donation or contact our Executive Director, Katie Coleman, at for more information. Please note that contributions and funding cannot be allocated to an individual student.

Thank you to all of the 2023 scholarship and awards banquet supporters.

2023 Banquet Sponsors

Our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Gordon Gund for his impactful generosity!

PIONEER $10,000
Louis & Phyllis Friedman Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Nancy Grasmick

The Kahlert Foundation

Mrs. Debra & Mr. Gerald Lichter

Mr. Thomas Hill
Mr. Carolyn Keenen
Ms. Laurie Lessans
Mangeone Family Foundation
Ms. Brenna Nelinson & Mr. Phil Sarid
Mr. Richard & Mrs. Maria Talarigo
Mr. Thomas Underdahl

2023 Annual Scholarship Supporters

Carson Scholars Fund (98)
Costco Wholesale Corporation (77)
The Kahlert Foundation (43)
Pittsburgh Chapter of the Carson Scholars Fund (40)
The Eleni & Wolfgang Gagon Trust (30)
Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga (21)
Delaplaine Foundation, Inc. (9)
Dr. Rodney Alsup & Dr. Sarah E. DeRossett (5)
Delaware Community Foundation (5)
Mr. Jared Napora (5)
Palm Beach Chapter of the Carson Scholars Fund (5)
Cole Roofing (4)
Ms. Cynthia Dillon (3)
Dr. Nancy Grasmick (3)
Stack & Store Self Storage (3)
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Baker (2)
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Brudnak (2)
Louis & Phyllis Friedman (2)
Mr. John Kendall (2)
Mr. Ian Lynch (2)
Mr. Gary Stockton (2)
Allied Group Sales
Mr. Eugene Badgett
Mr. James Ball
Dr. Stephen H. Barth
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Constantine
Dr. Robert Demarco
Col. Lori Everett
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Fernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Herron
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McNulty
Col. Emmett Stobbs Jr.
The Swaroop Family Charitable Fund
Verbum Dei High School
Mr. Joseph Wyrwas
Mr. Mike & Mrs. Marlene Young

The Ten Step Endowment Process

Create a lasting impact

National Endowment Support

Betty Metrinko Memorial Endowment
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Arlington Central School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Little Falls City School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Morrisville-Eaton Central School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Oneonta High School
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Our Lady of Lourdes High School
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Penn Yan School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Poland Central School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Poughkeepsie School District
Carson Riebesell Endowment at Rhinebeck High School
Chesapeake Gateway Chamber of Commerce Endowment
Coopertown Middle School Endowment
Delmarva Christian Academy Endowment
Donahue Family Endowments at Central Catholic High School
Donahue Family Endowments at Christ the Divine Teacher Catholic Academy
Donner Foundation Endowment
Eli Lilly Foundation Endowment at Clarence Farrington Elementary School
George & Debbie Wicks Endowment at Smyrna High School
Giving Tuesday Endowment
Guckert Family Scholarship Endowment
Haugh Family Endowment at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
Haugh Family Endowment at McDonogh Upper School
Haugh Family Endowment in Naples Florida
Haugh Family Endowment at St. Timothy’s School
Haugh Family Endowment at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland
Heritage Foundation Endowment
Howard County General Hospital Endowment
Indiana University School of Medicine Endowment at Charles Tindley Accelerated School
Indiana University School of Medicine Endowment at (Rushville Consolidated High School)
Indianapolis Colts at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School
Indianapolis Colts Endowment at Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy
Indianapolis Colts Statewide Endowment
Jay and Carol Jean Young Foundation in Memory of Columbine Victims
Joseph Stewart Endowment
Konterra Endowment
The William and Patricia LaMothe Endowment
Magothy River Middle School Endowment #2
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School Endowment
Mount Moriah Lodge # 116 Foundation Endowment at Towson High School
Mount Moriah Lodge Charitable Fund Endowment at Dulaney High School
Nanticoke Rotary in Memory of Harold T. Holland Endowment
Otto Haas Trust Endowment
Pescio Family Endowment
Richard Herron Endowment #1, Serra Catholic School
Richard Herron Endowment #2, Saint Anne School
Richard Herron Endowment #3, Gooden School
Rodel Endowment
Seena Lubcher Endowment
Springfield High School Endowment
The Doug & Kay Horan Endowment
The Dungy Family Endowment at Northwest Middle School
The Emmert Hobbs Foundation Endowment
The Endowment in Honor of Sonya Carson
The Endowment in Memory of Will Updike
The Eugene Badgett Endowment
The Gerry Sandusky & Family Endowment
The Herman & Walter Samuelson Endowment at Summit Park
The Herman & Walter Samuelson Foundation Endowment at (Pikesville High School)
The Herman & Walter Samuelson Foundation Endowment at Pikesville High School
The Herman & Walter Samuelson Foundation Endowment at Pikesville Middle School
The Israelson Family Foundation Endowment
The John Rollins Endowment at the Sussex Academy
The Maureen Yaw Endowment
The Michel and David Modell Fund for Education Endowment
The Michele Rollins Endowment at Archmere Academy
The Michele Rollins Endowment at Cape Henlopen High School
The Patrick Wargo & Julienne Turner Endowment
The Petrie Endowment
The Piedmont Triad North Carolina Endowment
The Pittsburgh Endowment in Honor of Mary Krauland
The Rosalia Costa-Clarke Endowment
The Rose Aspiring Minds and Character Endowment #1
The Rose Aspiring Minds and Character Endowment #2
The Rose Aspiring Minds and Character Endowment #3
The Rose Aspiring Minds and Character Endowment #4
The Schuler Family Endowment
WellSpan Ephrata Community Hospital Medical & Dental Staff Endowment

Florida Endowment Support

Bill Frey Family Endowments at:

Alva Elementary School
Colonial Elementary School
Diplomat Elementary School
Dr. Carrie D. Robinson Littleton Elementary School
Gateway Elementary School
Heights Elementary School
North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts
Pine Island Elementary School
River Hall Elementary School
San Carlos Park Elementary School
Skyline Elementary School
Sunshine Elementary School
Tropic Isles Elementary School
Villas Elementary School

Bill Frey Family Endowment in Honor of Paul and Aline Flynn
Bill Frey and John Sheppard Endowment at Orange River Elementary School
The Lorraine Frey Endowment

John and Aliese Price Foundation
John and Ellen Sheppard Endowment at Edison Park Elementary School
Lehigh Elementary School Endowment
Sanibel Endowment in Honor of Robert and Linda Taylor


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