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A great way to bring the Fund to your area is to form a Carson Scholars Fund Chapter. A Chapter is a dedicated group of individuals who are willing and able to:

  • Publicize the program
  • Execute a fundraising plan to fully fund a geographic area
  • Organize recognition events like the annual awards banquet
  • Contribute ideas for the national growth of the organization

To successfully bring the scholarship program to your community, the Carson Scholars Fund has established a five step process for understanding what is involved in starting a chapter.

  1.  Your Program Scope – Define the scope of the program. You can start with a minimum $1,500 gift to support one school/one scholar award, or to fund a specific area, school district, city, or state.
  2. Orientation – Contact or visit the central office in Baltimore, Maryland for an orientation regarding materials and organizational structure.
  3. The Advisory Council – Recruit at least nine individuals who will serve as an advisory council and be responsible for helping with start-up efforts as well as maintaining the program.
  4. Fundraising – Recruit individual donors, corporate contributions, grants, and/or endowments that can support the program in your area.
  5. Publicity – Organize an awareness and promotional campaign to increase knowledge of the Carson Scholars Fund in your community.

Currently, the Carson Scholars Fund has nine active chapters. If you are interested in starting a chapter, please start by filling out the Carson Scholars Fund Chapter Questionnaire. Questionnaire can be returned to our Executive Director at or mailed to:

305 W. Chesapeake Ave., Suite 310
Towson, MD 21204

The information you provide will be reviewed by our Expansion Committee and someone from the Carson Scholars Fund will contact you shortly.  We look forward to working with you to make Dr. Carson’s dream a reality.

To learn more about our chapters, go to Chapters.

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