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Scholar Alumni

The Carson Scholars Fund has an alumni network of over 5,600 rising leaders in their professions and communities.

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees

For the second year in a row, five Carson Scholar alumni were inducted into the CSF Hall of Fame during the Pittsburgh Awards Banquet (April 7) and Maryland Awards Ceremony (April 22). As scientists, healers, authors, engineers and philanthropists, they represent an accomplished group of over 4,400 Carson Scholar alumni across the country.

Lisa Stabryla, 2017 Hall of Fame inductee and 2-time Carson Scholar, introduced the newest Hall of Famer from the Pittsburgh area, Ella Walsh. Ella, who was valedictorian of her class at Duquesne University, is now a neonatal intensive care nurse at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. She reflected on all of the support that she has received from her parents, mentors, and the Carson Scholars Fund and told scholars to remember how loved and supported they are.

With the help of 2016 Hall of Famer Jeremy Garriga and 2017 Hall of Famer Da’Kuawn Johnson, four more Carson Scholar alumni were inducted during the Maryland Awards Ceremony. Rafee Al-Mansur, Amanda Biederman, Jahnavi Kola, and Joseph Wyrwas were all honored, taking the stage as the crowd learned more about their accomplishments.

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

With the help of several 2016 Hall of Fame members, five Carson Scholar alumni were welcomed into the CSF Hall of Fame during the Pittsburgh Awards Banquet (April 8) and the Maryland Awards Banquet (April 30).

At the Pittsburgh Awards Banquet, 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Lisa Stabryla offered sound advice to this year’s new and recognized Carson Scholars. Lisa, who is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental engineering, helps to inspire female and minority students to pursue STEM fields through working with the Fund for Advancement of Minorities through Education and with the INVESTING NOW Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Pittsburgh. She encouraged scholars to find what they are passionate about and turn their passions into careers.

Maanal Ali, Evan Barnard, Da’Kuawn Johnson, and Megan Rosenberger were all recognized during a special ceremony at the Maryland Awards Banquet. 2016 Hall of Famers Jeremy Garriga, Alexandra Vlk and Ashley Zachery assisted the Carsons as each inductee had a biography read, showing the crowd what it takes to be a member of the Carson Scholars Fund’s Hall of Fame.

20 under 30CSF Hall of Fame

At the start of our 20th anniversary season, we introduced the first ever Carson Scholars Fund Hall of Fame, a year-long celebration of individuals whose lives and careers are an integral part of the Fund’s history.

The mission of the Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding Carson Scholar Alumni who are representative of CSF’s mission – those who have demonstrated success and excellence in the work force, who have excelled academically and who have made significant contributions in their communities.

View the Carson Scholar Hall of Fame here!

These Carson Scholar Alumni were honored at our 20th Annual Maryland Awards Ceremony:

Hall of Fame Portraits

HoF on stage

HoF 21

Scholarship Payouts

Balance statements and Payout Request Forms for the spring 2019 semester will be made available to all eligible scholars in early October. The Payout Request Form must be completed and submitted back to the CSF office by Monday, November 19, 2018. Checks will be mailed to colleges on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 in time for the spring semester. Any Payout Request Forms received after November 19, 2018 will be held for payout for the fall 2019 semester.

Please note that payouts can only be made after verifying that the scholar is a full-time accepted and enrolled student at an accredited institution within the United States for the upcoming semester. Students must be enrolled in a bachelor’s-degree-track (four-year) program.

If any of your contact information (mailing address, email address, or phone number) has changed since we last heard from you, please get in touch! We can only mail Payout Request Forms to addresses we have. To update your information, call 410.828.1005 or send an email to

Alumni Spotlight

Cassandra Popovski

Cassandra Popovski, a 5-time Carson Scholar and Hall of Fame Honorable Mention, graduated from Canon-McMillan High School in 2014. Cassandra is attending the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering and University Honors College studying chemical engineering.

At school, Cassandra is the freshman co-chair of the Engineering Student Council. Here, she is responsible for the following: constructing agendas, preparing budgets and leading weekly committee meetings; developing a mentor/mentee program that encourages camaraderie and academic success; planning, organizing and advertising orientation and philanthropy events for freshmen engineers, including applications for donations and catering for events; and representing her local chapter at the National Association of Engineering Students Councils regional conference hosted by North Carolina State University. Cassandra is also a member of the Pitt Chem-E Car Team serving as an Incoming Safety Lead for the Propulsion Team. Her team specifically designs a propulsion system powered by a relief of pressure buildup from acid/base reactions occurring in a tank. They also run data tests to identify relationships between chemical concentrations and pressure buildups. Recently, her team placed 6th out of 28 teams at a regional competition in which reactant concentrations are adjusted to propel a car a specified distance….Read more about Cassandra’s accomplishments here!

How Alumni Can Stay Connected

Follow the Carson Scholars Fund on Facebook and Twitter to hear what’s going on at CSF! There is also a Carson Scholars Alumni group exclusively for former Carson Scholars on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

Download the Carson Scholars Fund’s mobile app, CSF Connect, to stay connected.  With the app, you can receive information about news and events from the CSF and connect with other Carson scholars and alumni in your area.

If you’d like to get involved or spearhead an alumni program in your school or city, please contact

Carson Scholar Address Change Information

Please ensure that you keep your contact information current with our office. If you happen to move, change your phone number, or change your email address, please contact us. This can be done by calling our office at 410-828-1005, sending an email to or sending a letter to the attention of Scholarship Director at our office address.

Carson Scholars Fund
305 West Chesapeake Ave
Suite 310
Towson, MD 21204

Please note that it is the scholar and/or parent and guardian’s responsibility to alert the Carson Scholars Fund of any changes in contact information so we can ensure that applications can be received each year. It is also vital to maintain your records so that scholarship awards can be accurately disbursed to the college or university that Carson Scholars eventually attend in their post-secondary academic careers.