The Gagon Legacy

Unlocking the future for children for many years to come

A difficult childhood complicated by the pressures of World War II drove Eleni Bukuvalas and Wolfgang Gagon out of their respective native countries to San Diego, California. The two later met and married, and built a loving and prosperous life based on simple values: working hard, valuing education, inspiring others, and helping those in need. Over the course of their lives, the Gagons amassed a substantial real estate portfolio and stimulated revitalization in their beloved city of San Diego. The Carson Scholars Fund is thrilled to announce that the greatest part of the estate that Eleni and Wolfgang worked so hard to create was set aside for furthering education through the youth missions executed by the Carson Scholars Fund. This represents the largest gift in the history of CSF. The selfless spirits of Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon will continue through the mentoring of deserving children of California, and of San Diego in particular, for many years to come.





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