We need your help!

Volunteers are crucial to our mission. According to The Independent Sector, the value of our volunteers calculates to $31.80/hour just during our scholarship season!

The Carson Scholars Fund is always seeking qualified volunteers to help fulfill our mission. Volunteers can help with our scholarship process, our events, or our reading rooms.


Ways You Can Volunteer

Interested in volunteering at our office located in Towson, Maryland? Here are some of the things you could be helping with:

  • Office work (ongoing)
  • Application judging/scoring (January – February)
  • Banquet preparation (March – May)
  • Events (as needed)

As we begin the 2024 scholarship season, we are in need of your help to make it a success! We are looking for volunteers to help score applications, calculate GPAs and prep for banquets. Each year we receive thousands of applications from students access the country. We would not be able to process and judge all of these applications without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

As we approach a new scholarship season if you’re interested in volunteering with our scholarship process, please download the Volunteer Information Sheet. After completing the form, please fax or email it to the office. The form can be emailed to rbrown@carsonscholars.org or faxed to 410.828.1007.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions you may call 410.828.1005 to speak with Rachel.


While I had heard of CSF, I knew only generally of its scholarship program and not at all of its reading room program. I subsequently contacted CSF, expressed interest in volunteering, and was delighted to be accepted. As they say, the rest is history, as doing so has exceeded my expectations in every way.

- Bob Huffman - CSF Volunteer

A Message to Volunteers

Dear Future Volunteer:

The Carson Scholars Fund, Inc., invites you to become a vital member of our organization. We appreciate your time and effort working with us toward our goal of recognizing and rewarding our nation’s highest academic achievers. We hope that your experience will be rewarding. We will do our best to give you new and challenging opportunities and the guidance to handle them successfully. We are actively seeking individuals for our Ambassador Program as well as office volunteers. We are proud to have you join our team and look forward to a lasting and rewarding relationship.


Dr. Nancy Grasmick /President


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