California Expansion

Thanks to the generosity of Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon, young students in California now have additional educational resources to excel.

The Carson Scholars Fund has opportunities for accredited schools in California.

Carson Scholars Program

The Carson Scholars Program recognizes and rewards academic excellence and humanitarian qualities in young students enrolled in grades 4 through 11. Carson Scholars receive a $1,000 scholarship invested towards a four-year college or university, an Olympic-sized medal, certificate and recognition at a regional awards banquet. Their school receives a trophy recognizing their accomplishments.

The Carson Scholars Program is more than a simple monetary scholarship program. It starts young, encouraging a college-going culture in homes and schools across the country. Scholars have an incentive to achieve academically year after year and are exposed to inspirational adult leaders. More importantly, Carson Scholars are role models in their schools and encourage their peers to succeed academically and contribute to their communities. Collectively, they are shaping a better future for themselves, their schools and the country.

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Reading Room Project

The Reading Room Project provides funding and support to schools so that they can create a literacy-enriched environment where children feel safe and secure as they work on developing their reading skills.  The Project is dedicated to combating illiteracy and promoting leisure reading as a key to unlocking a child’s full potential. Each reading room is filled with hundreds of books for students to explore from a variety of authors, topics, and genres, and is decorated with colorful, attractive artwork promoting the THINK BIG philosophy to encourage academic success and helping others.

The Reading Room Project allows schools the opportunity to purchase high-interest reading materials. In addition, students rarely have an opportunity to select their own reading materials in a classroom setting. In a reading room, students have the freedom to select their own books. When students choose what they read, they read more.



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