Six thousand seven hundred scholarships and counting...

Contacting Dr. Carson

With groups of all ages, Dr. Ben Carson shares the philosophies that have enabled him to overcome obstacles in his personal, professional, and spiritual life. The lessons he has learned about himself and the world have enabled him to leave behind a life of poverty in America's inner cities for that of a successful and highly respected surgeon, businessman, and motivational speaker.

In boardrooms, school auditoriums, books, and churches, Dr. Carson tells his audiences that the keys to a life of satisfaction, accomplishment, and peace lie in one's ability to discover his or her potential for excellence; the acquisition of knowledge to develop it; and a willingness to help others. Education, he says, is liberation.

He introduces young people to the wealth of opportunities and lifestyles that exist in intellectual pursuits, far beyond the narrow worlds of sports and entertainment, so mistakenly glorified in today's celebrity culture of TV, movies, and popular music. He calls upon us all to strive for excellence and recognize our God-given abilities.

To contact Dr. Carson regarding the Carson Scholars Fund, please email  However, Dr. Carson is presently on a leave of absence from the Fund, and may not be able to timely reply to any communications.

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