Six thousand seven hundred scholarships and counting...


Teachers and administrators play an important role in a student’s life. Teachers are often instrumental in instilling a love of learning and the pursuit of higher education within their students. We also understand that many teachers would love to celebrate their students’ success in their classroom through an outside award. We are excited to work with teachers and educators in recognizing and rewarding academic superstars!

Outcomes of the Carson Scholars Program

The purpose of the Carson Scholars Fund is to recognize and reward outstanding students in the United States enrolled in grade 4-11 who exemplify academic excellence and humanitarian qualities. The goal of the Carson Scholars Program goes beyond instilling an interest in college early on and assisting with the costs of college.

  1. Carson Scholars are role models in their schools. The impact of our program goes beyond individual students and families to schools and classrooms. Carson Scholars encourage other students in their school to strive for excellence and serve as peer role models. Our research shows that 94% of our scholars feel that being named a Carson Scholar has helped them become role models in their school.
  2. Carson Scholars are recognized by their school. As part of the Carson Scholars Program, schools are provided with a trophy to be displayed proudly in display cases. The aim is to add value to academic achievements and to refocus the spotlight on education; too often athletic achievements are recognized more often than academic successes.

2015 Application Process


Deadlines for the 2015 scholarship season have passed. All applicants and their schools will be notified of their application status in March.

Information for the 2016 scholarship program will be available in October 2015.

Key Information for Educators

  • All educators, teachers and administrators with a valid school email address from an accredited K-12 school in the United States are welcome to request an application for the Carson Scholarship program.* Please review our requirements on requesting an application and then complete the Application Request Form.
  • Each school is eligible to nominate one student to compete for a Carson Scholarship. Carson Scholars must have a minimum 3.75 GPA and display humanitarian qualities through community service above and beyond what is required. Please review our GPA Calculations Rules and Policies to learn more about how we calculate GPA. Scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of academic achievement and humanitarian qualities – without regard to financial need or ethnicity.

If you have further questions, please email

*In the context of the Carson Scholars Fund Scholarship and Scholar Recognition Programs, a school is defined as an accredited K-12 institution with a physical building comprised of students, educators, administrators, etc. While the Carson Scholars Fund is fully aware of and appreciates the accomplishments of other non-traditional educational settings including but not limited to home schools and on-line schools, the Carson Scholars Fund Scholar Scholarship and Scholar Recognition Programs are not available to these alternative educational formats currently.