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Request an Application

The Carson Scholars Fund is currently accepting new requests for applications for the 2016 scholarship cycle.  Deadlines for the 2015 scholarship season have already passed. The application will be online.

All schools that request an application will be added to our mailing list for our next scholarship season. All requests must come from educators or school administrators. Requests cannot be made for individual students, nor can applications be sent to students’ homes or personal emails. This policy ensures that educators can complete a fair and impartial nomination process to determine which student at their school would best meet the requirements for a Carson Scholarship.

If you fall into one of these categories, the Carson Scholars Fund has an exisiting relationships with and already distribute scholarship applications annually:

  • Any school that has previously received an application
  • Any school in Maryland, Delaware, or Washington, DC
  • Any school in the Pittsburgh Public School District, Atlanta Public School District, Indianapolis Public School District, or Battle Creek (Michigan) Public School District

All educators are welcome to request an application. Educators can request an application by completing the Application Request Form. At this time, our school nomination procedures do not allow homeschool parents or tutors to request applications.

If you are a parent or student that would like to request an application, please communicate your interest in having your school participate in the program by contacting an educator, guidance counselor or administrator at your school. Suggest that they request an application for your school by contacting and following the instructions above. Requests from students, parents or individuals will not be processed.

More information on our scholarship program can be found on the prospective scholars, current scholars, educators, and alumni pages.