Over 90 cents of every dollar contributed is directly invested into our educational programs.


Volunteers are crucial to our mission. During the 2015 Scholarship season we had over 75 volunteers in our office. They totaled 820 hours helping us process, read, and score scholarship applications. According to The Independent Sector, the value of our volunteers calculates to $18,216.

The Carson Scholars Fund is always seeking qualified volunteers to help fulfill our mission. Volunteers can help with our scholarship process, our events, or our reading rooms.


Ways You Can Volunteer

Interested in volunteering at our office located in Towson, Maryland? Here are some of the things you could be helping with:

  • Office work (ongoing)
  • Application processing (January - March)
  • Application judging/scoring (January - February)
  • Banquet preparation (March - May)
  • Application preparation/distribution (October)

As we begin the 2016 scholarship season, we are in need of your help to make it a success! We are currently looking for volunteers to help process applications, calculate GPAs and grade essays. Each year we receive thousands applications from students access the country. We would not be able to process and judge all of these applications without the help of our dedicated volunteers.

We are looking for volunteers beginning in January and continuing through April. Volunteers are welcome every week, Monday-Friday. Exact hours vary by day. Evening and weekend hours can be arranged as well.

If you're interested in volunteering, please look for the volunteer pack (available in fall 2015) which includes a volunteer form and volunteer schedule. On the volunteer calendar please circle the dates and times that you are interested in volunteering. After completing the form and calendar, please fax or email it to the office. The packet can be emailed to Katie@carsonscholars.org or faxed to 410.828.1007.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions you may call 410.828.1005 to speak with Katie.

Unable to make it to our office? You can help with the Ambassador Program!

Use your talents and skills to become a vital part of the Carson Scholars Fund by serving as a Carson Scholar Fund Ambassador. As an Ambassador, you will meet interesting people, be involved with exciting events, fundraise, and help to further the CSF mission. There are no specific qualifications. You just need to be dedicated to the mission of rewarding talented American youth and feel a sense of pride in your work to support us. This is a perfect opportunity for those who would like to volunteer but do not have the time to make a regular volunteer commitment. If you are interested in becoming a CSF Ambassador or would like more information on this grassroots campaign, please contact our Development Director, Mary Wright, at MWright@carsonscholars.org or 410-828-1005.


A Message to Volunteers from Dr. Benjamin S. Carson

Dear Future Volunteer:

The Carson Scholars Fund, Inc., invites you to become a vital member of our organization. We appreciate your time and effort working with us toward our goal of recognizing and rewarding our nation's highest academic achievers. We hope that your experience will be rewarding. We will do our best to give you new and challenging opportunities and the guidance to handle them successfully. We are actively seeking individuals for our Ambassador Program as well as office volunteers. We are proud to have you join our team and look forward to a lasting and rewarding relationship.


Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D. /President and Co-Founder


Volunteer Spotlights

Our volunteers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and find their way to the Carson Scholars Fund for any number of reasons. Volunteers come as individuals or as part of corporate groups; they are retired teachers and college students considering a career in education; they are current Carson Scholars and Carson Scholar alumni already college; they spend one day a year with us and they spend one day every week with us. Despite their differences, they are all committed to helping in any way they can. To celebrate all the ways the volunteers positively impact our work, we asked three of them to share their stories:

Sister Dorothy Franz – Long-Term Volunteer
About 10 years ago a friend who is a teacher decided to do a presentation about Dr. Carson during black history month. While doing research, she learned that the Carson Scholars Fund office was looking for volunteers and shared this with me. I decided this was something I might be interested in doing so I contacted the office and began by helping to judge student essays and volunteering at the banquet.

I found this work very rewarding and found the staff to be extremely friendly and grateful for their volunteers. It was also exciting to see the scholars and their families at the banquet. Here were some children who had never received any kind of recognition and they were being publically rewarded for their academic achievements. I believe that I get more out of this opportunity than I ever believed possible.

Now, I look forward to volunteering on a weekly basis at the Towson office with a specific task to accomplish as well as visiting some of the Carson Reading Rooms where children have a chance for independent reading time. After 10 years I truly feel part of the Carson Scholars family. 

Bob Huffman – New Volunteer
When I was planning my retirement, I knew I wanted volunteerism to play a significant role. Upon researching available volunteer opportunities, I identified more than five hundred which had potential. I reviewed the various causes, and thought about which would be the best match for me. The cases of education and literacy emerged as most important to me, and ultimately led me to the Carson Scholars Fund (CSF). While I had heard of CSF, I knew only generally of its scholarship program and not at all of its reading room program. I subsequently contacted CSF, expressed interest in volunteering, and was delighted to be accepted. As they say, the rest is history, as doing so has exceeded my expectations in every way.

Although preceding the establishment of CSF by many years, I had received a merit-based scholarship myself, was an avid reader during childhood, and had to overcome adverse personal circumstances during childhood and adolescence, so I am especially sensitive to the transformational role that CSF plays in enabling academically talented, socially conscious youth to develop the self-esteem and self-confidence necessary to ultimately realize their potential. Without the encouragement I received when I was younger, I know that I would not have been able to achieve as much as I have. After a successful career in finance and human resource management, I am happy to have found an organization through which I can give back to my community and to deserving students across the country.

Christian Fisher – Educator Volunteer
My wife and I are both teachers in Baltimore City Public Schools. During my wife's first year in the system, she nominated a student, Drue Montgomery, for the Carson Scholars Fund. The student decided to write her first essay about her father, and was named a Carson Scholar that year. The next year, Drue decided to write her essay about her teacher – my wife. The essay detailed how my wife was her role model.  Her essay was chosen to be read at a Carson Scholars Board of Directors meeting, and Drue asked my wife to accompany her to the event. At the board meeting my wife had the opportunity to meet Dr. and Mrs. Carson. She spoke highly of the meeting, and commented that it was one of the highlights of her educational career. My wife has a picture of her and Drue, taken at that board meeting, that sits on her desk to this day.

Three years later, I received an email from Rebekah asking for volunteers to help process and score applications. I knew the impact the scholarship program had on students, teachers, and schools overall, and I decided that I wanted to help out in any way that I could.


Thank you all for helping the Carson Scholars Fund recognize excellence in youth across the nation!