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18th Annual National Day of Reading

The Carson Scholars Fund is proud to present

the 18th Annual National Day of Reading

 Celebrated during the week of November 13th

Since 2005, the Carson Scholars Fund’s National Day of Reading celebrations have taken place in reading room schools across the country. This literacy event unites students and educators to reinforce the importance of reading and discover the power and joy found between the pages of a book.

For the 18th Annual National Day of Reading, the Carson Scholars Fund is featuring the nonfiction children’s book, Dear Librarian by Lydia M. Sigwarth. This book tells the story of a little girl whose family is experiencing home insecurity and how she found solace and a sense of belonging in the library. The book demonstrates the power of a library and how a librarian can make an imprint on a child’s life and heart.

During the week of November 13th, Ben Carson/Think Big Reading Room school partners will receive a link for an inspirational message from Dr. and Mrs. Carson, along with an animated video of the story. Additionally, reading room school partners will receive a copy of Dear Librarian for their school’s reading room. If your child does not attend a reading room school, we encourage you to share this special literacy experience with him/her by visiting for complete instructions and access to the materials.

Happy reading!

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