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Celebrating Our Hall of Fame Class of 2019

In 2016, we began the Carson Scholars Fund Hall of Fame, inducting 20 remarkable Carson Scholar alumni whose lives and careers are an integral part of our history. The Hall of Fame is meant to celebrate outstanding Carson Scholar alumni who continue to represent the CSF’s mission – those who have demonstrated success and excellence in the work force, who have excelled academically and who have made significant contributions in their communities.

This year, join us in honoring five new Carson Scholar alumni inducted into this year’s Hall of Fame. Among these inductees are computer programmers, humanitarians, musicians, political leaders, and researchers. Despite adversity and challenges, they continue to strive towards their goals. These Hall of Fame inductees will be honored at our awards banquets this coming spring.

Learn more about our Hall of Fame members and see all the incredible work they are doing in their communities and around the world.

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