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Jonathan C. Harris – An Author Who Wears Many Hats

Brief Introduction to Jonathan C. Harris

This January we’d like to introduce to you all an amazing author who truly believes in the power of reading. Jonathan C. Harris is man that wears many hats. He published two children’s books, Growing Gents and Girls with Pearls, that teach kids to treat themselves and others with kindness and respect. Growing Gents received the Penelope’s Fan Favorite Book Award in 2022 and the finalist award in the 2021 International Book Awards. Jonathan takes pride in personally reading these books to children in local schools. He’s also written Master of Ceremonies: A Male’s Guide for a Successful Life which teaches young men how to take ownership of their life. To top it all off his nonprofit Million Paths Foundation, provides food, clothes, school supplies, and toys for communities in need.

Sit down with Jonathan C. Harris for a personal interview

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