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La Paloma Elementary School’s Think Big Reading Room honors Native American History

Native American history is steeped in rich cultural traditions and customs, with detailed stories being passed down from generation to generation. When Media Specialist Regan Pedo discovered her school, La Paloma Elementary School in Fallbrook, California, was built on an ancient burial ground, she knew she wanted the school’s Think Big Reading Room to honor the deep Native American history in the area. The reading room, once a dark and plain space, was transformed into a thriving reading oasis. In addition to the usual fare of children’s fiction and nonfiction books, students can find books on Native American history and other diverse histories. The history books are sure to help children understand the world around them and develop an appreciation of different cultures and perspectives.

The reading room, which opened on May 24, was well attended by community and local Native American tribal members. Special guests included Angel Sanchez Reyes, chief of the N’de Apache tribe and Virginia Camacho, a member of the N’de Apache tribe.

The La Paloma Elementary School Think Big Reading Room is a gift from the Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon Trust. This is the 56th reading room to be sponsored by the Gagon Trust to honor this dynamic, philanthropic couple.

View photos from the event here

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