In General on 10/01/2019 - 9:46 AM

Meet Pam, the Carson Scholars Fund’s Newest Staff Member

Pam recently joined the Carson Scholars Fund staff as its Development Coordinator. Pam is a graduate of James Madison University where she studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Prior to coming to Carson Scholars, Pam’s background includes education, library sciences, and sales and marketing. She has advocated for literacy since she was a small child volunteering in her elementary school’s library. Reading and learning, for Pam, are vital to providing personal dignity, an understanding of global empathy, and sustainability for society.  Pam is excited to be a part of CSF as it provides the opportunity to grow learning through reading and to recognize students who excel not only academically but also as civic leaders.

Pam was born in Pennsylvania and moved throughout her childhood multiple times living in Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. She currently resides in Pennsylvania.

Pam notes that reading is one of her greatest passions.  When someone asks Pam if she has read something, her husband quickly responds “yes.”  While that is not necessarily true, she is always looking for inspirational and historical books to read. Her current recommendation would be Can’t Hurt Me, by David Goggins.

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