In Reading Rooms on 01/10/2020 - 3:51 PM

Scholarship Prep Public School in South Bay Los Angeles opens Think Big Reading Room

Scholarship Prep Public School (SPS) joins the 55+ schools in California in partnering with The Carson Scholars Fund to outfit an area on campus with the Think Big Reading Room. On December 20th, SPS unveiled their ocean-themed leisure reading room to the anticipatory crowd of special guests, staff and students. This underwater ed-venture design was made possible by the Think Big Reading Room donors, Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon. Their generosity and love for reading has impacted thousands of students throughout southern California. Former California State Senator and one of the founders of SPS, Gloria Romero, welcomed students and guests and provided context to the celebration by highlighting Dr. Carson’s accomplishments, the work that CSF does for leisure reading and academic achievement, the Gagon Trust, and how the school’s mission on reading achievement will be enhanced with their new Think Big Reading Room. Hundreds of high-interest books were on display when students from each class had an introductory walk-through of the space, oohing and aahing over popular titles, new discoveries, and decorative sea-creatures like the hanging jellyfish made from an upside-down umbrella.


Click here for photos from the opening.

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