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Spotlight on Matthew Shervington, School Counselor

Matthew Shervington, a School Counselor at Susquehannock High School in Southern PA is often referred to as Sherv by his students. If you ask anyone, they will tell you if there is a student event, you will find Mr. Shervington there.  In addition to his day hours of counseling students, he is always there to cheer his students on whether it be a play, a concert or a sporting event, even sometimes at off campus events.  A former student shared “Mr. Shervington really cares about his students and … I wish I had listened when he told me to take more AP classes.  I t would have made college a lot easier.”

 When asked why he became an educator, he said, “The primary reason for my choice to become an educator can be linked to the educators that I had growing up. There were two or three teachers during my time in high school who advocated for me concerning my academic and socioemotional well-being. I think that without these people I’m not sure whether or not I would have graduated as they were able to encourage and motivate me. I always knew I wanted to be a counselor in some capacity since I was eight years old after helping my mother quit smoking cigarettes and so becoming a school counselor was the perfect chance to become a counselor and be like these adults. All of my interactions with students are fueled by remembering how these people helped me and hoping I can help students in this same way. I also remember not feeling advocated for by my counselor – probably because I was one of over 400 students on their caseload – and so that also fuels me to advocate for my students and do my best to get to know them as best as I can. I am grateful that my district maintains a manageable caseload size for counselors at the high school that aligns with the ASCA National Model to achieve this. It truly is my goal to be able to have my students have that same feeling I had when being advocated for in high school and to never experience being shut down like I felt at a few times.”

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