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The Treasure Island – Pleasant City Elementary School – Room Reveal

As you enter you see skywriting: “Think Big” on the far wall! And looking to the left, you can almost hear the soothing, whooshing sounds of the waves rolling towards you to welcome you in! The lifelike murals draw you into another world…as palm trees with gently arching fronds in a bright blue sky, dotted with puffy clouds, appear to welcome you….as well as your thoughts and ideas into their embrace…

A deep-sea diving experience awaits those who prefer to delve even more to discover rarer treasures… The transformed nook has a deep blue glow under shelves painted in rock tones that have paper mache’ facing resembling a rocky reef rising out of the sea! And floor pillows, shell seat pillows, as well as lifelike sea animal pillows are there so that students take the dive and cozy up under the shelves with their chosen treasure! Hanging bubble mobiles add a special touch to the deep-sea feel!

On the walls of the nook are mountains that appear to be in the distance behind the reefs, visually offering places to explore, from the depths to the heights!

Netting along some walls and cabinets with starfish and shells continue the sea theme.

And near the center is a tugboat complete with marine varnish and a parrot, with comfy seating under a canopy. Kid-sized stuffed armchairs in marine blue are alternatives for those who might get seasick…

From the vistas in this room it seems to encourage “Wherever you “land” make the best of it!”


Special thanks to: 
Pleasant City Elementary Reading Room committee
And guests:
     Casey and Loren Klein
     Russell and Kalley Hoffman

Nancy Bourne of the Frisbie Group
School board member Edwin Ferguson, Esq. from district 7

Representative from the local community Mandel library, Kim Husing

Chief of West Palm Beach School Police, Sarah Mooney, and several officers

Members of the Odum family
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Odum
Andrew & Deborah Price
Alexandra Andres
Linda Palmer


Written By Mrs. Candy Carson

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