Broadview Elementary School

Winchester, TN

Sponsored By: The Salvador Foundation

Date Established: November 16, 2018

There’s a magical, mystical place where Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, and Narnia co-exist. It’s a place chock full of books captivating children to read about them and other interesting characters. The place is the Ben Carson Reading Room at Broadview Elementary School in Winchester, Tennessee. On Friday, November 16, the school opened its “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” themed reading room. A team of artists strategically created the character/story murals to bring the literary world onto the school’s campus. The focal point of the room is a sizeable handcrafted wooden rainbow structure showcasing all of the hues of the rainbow. The inside of the rainbow contains two benches to cuddle up with a book. The outside of the structure supports the arches and serves as a bookcase. At the end of the rainbow children can find a pot of gold.

Broadview Elementary is honored to be sponsored by the Salvador Foundation. Janine Gardener, Salvador Foundation board member and former school teacher, shared, “Reading is a key to success in essentially any path you take in life” and the Foundation is excited to participate in such a unique opportunity.

To see a photo gallery from the Broadview Elementary Reading Room Opening, please click here.


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