Endeavor College Preparatory Charter

Los Angeles, CA

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade at Endeavor College Preparatory Charter (ECP) in Los Angeles rushed into the school’s new Think Big Reading Room to finally see what popular book titles sat on the shelves – they were not disappointed!  Friday, December 7th was a special day for students and staff at ECP as the school’s mission to ensuring every ECP student is a reader was that much more realized.  The leadership team at ECP plan on utilizing their new reading room in conjunction with their Differentiation Hour that aims to help struggling readers get back on track.  After small group reading instruction, what better way to practice a newly acquired reading skill than finding a cozy spot and high-interest book inside the Think Big Reading Room?

Creating a warm and welcoming environment that appeals to all ages of students at ECP was a challenge but the reading room team hit the room design out-of-the-park as they created areas that suite all ages.  From a classy table and chair set-up with tasteful décor to small beanbags near low-level readers, the room has it all!

The Grand Opening was a perfect time for the school to present their Accelerated Reader Awards that went to the reader who experienced the greatest reading growth in each class.  Students had a difficult time reining-in their excitement as they cheered on their follow classmates.  After the assembly parents and select students shared memorial moments as they explored the new reading space.  With special thanks to the room sponsors Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon, ECP’s Think Big Reading Room will surely bring families together and boost students’ love for reading.

Click here for more photos from the opening.


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