Kavod Elementary School

San Diego, CA

Reading room 199 belongs to Kavod Elementary Charter School in San Diego.  Principal Greenland and Candy Carson together cut the ribbon to the multi-cultural themed Think Big Reading Room on Thursday, February 21. Kavod serves students from many cultures and prides itself on being a dual-language school, teaching their students Hebrew. Therefore it was only fitting that a good number of their books that filled the shelves were in Hebrew. Beth LeFriant, representing The Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon Trust was in attendance.  She delighted the student body with a story of how Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon came to America and through their hard work, eventually wanted to help encourage a love for reading among young students. Kavod has big plans on how they are going to take full advantage of the reading space that includes an exit which opens to cozy outdoor space where students can grab a seat under the sun and embark on a reading ed-venture!

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