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The Big Picture (Softcover)

Price: $13.00

The Big Picture by Dr. Ben Carson with Gregg Lewis

Getting Perspective on What’s Really Important in Life

“Dr. Ben Carson is known as the originator of ground-breaking surgical procedures, a doctor who turns impossible hopes into joyous realities. He is known as well as a compassionate humanitarian who reaches beyond corporate boardrooms to touch the lives of inner-city kids.

What drives him? The Big Picture. A vision of something truly worth living for, something that calls forth the best of his amazing talents, energy, and focus.

In The Big Picture, Dr. Carson shares with you the overarching philosophy that has shaped his life, causing him to rise from failure to far-reaching influence. This book is not about HOW to succeed – it’s about WHY to succeed. It’s about broadening your perspectives. It’s about finding a vision for your own life that can reframe your priorities, energize your efforts, and inspire you to change the world around you.”

Zondervan Publishing

Soft Cover book features paper cover and larger text and book size.


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