Pronunciation Guide

We ask all applicants to provide the pronunciation of their first and last names. These pronunciations assist us if we need to make any phone calls to scholars’ homes and schools. More importantly, they allow us to properly announce the winners’ names at our awards banquets. We make every attempt to recognize each Carson Scholar at an awards ceremony, so please write a pronunciation for your scholar’s name, even if you think it is obvious.

We recommend doing one of two things:

1. Write the name phonetically using common phonetic symbols:

Vowel Symbol Sounds Like Name Pronunciation
ă Apple, Cat Brad Brăd
ā Acorn, Cake Kate Kāte
ăr Carry Mary Măry
ĕ Egg, Bell, Bet Meg Mĕg
ē Bee, Ease, Tree Ethan Ēthăn
ĕr Merry Kerry Kĕrrē
ĭ Bit, Fish, City Jim Jĭm
ī Ice, Pie, Bite Isis Īsĭs
ŏ Clock, Not Bob Bŏb
ō Rose, Go Brody Brōdē
ōr Hoarse, Glory Rory Rōrē
ûr Fur, Bird Vernon Vûrnŭn
ŭ Sun, Umbrella Chuck Chŭck
ū Glue, Flu, Boot Lucy Lūcē
oi Boy, Noise Roy Roi

2. Write the name using other, basic words:

Name Pronunciation
Erin “Air” – “in”
Rocco “Rock” – “oh”
Jaxon “Jack” – “son”
Shelby “Shell” – “bee”

Pronunciations have no effect on winner decisions – they just help us as we plan the awards banquets. We appreciate your assistance!


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