National Day of Reading

On Tuesday, November 12, students across the country celebrated the CSF’s 14th Annual National Day of Reading, a day dedicated to inspiring a love of reading in children.  This year’s book selection was Mr. George Baker by Amy Hest.  This tender picture book tells the tale of Harry, a young school boy, and his meaningful relationship with his 100-year-old neighbor.  The book explores the topics of learning to read, lifelong learning and the beauty of inter-generational friendships.  To nurture and motivate budding readers, all CSF school partners received a link to a special book narration by Mrs. Candy Carson.  In the book, students discovered learning to read can be difficult.  Mrs. Carson’s enthusiastic narration reinforced the book’s theme and the importance of learning and developing this vital skill.  In addition to viewing the narration, many school partners hosted special guest readers.  These reading role models took time out of their demanding schedules to encourage children not just to read, but to have fun while doing so.

Click here to view guest readers and fun-filled school celebrations.

The National Day of Reading is an annual literacy event held each November in conjunction with American Education Week.  This national day of reading is designed to raise awareness of the importance of everyday leisure reading.

In honor of the National Day of Reading, reading room schools across the country engage students in activities to highlight reading.  Special events have included: guest readers (such as local government officials and celebrities), viewing a recorded narration of a children’s book, author visits, and other activities.

Take a look at how Allamanda Elementary School celebrated Ben Carson Reading Day in 2016:


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