Arlington Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD

On Monday, November 17, 2008 students at Arlington Elementary/Middle School celebrated the 3rd Annual Ben Carson Reading Day, a day designed to raise awareness of the importance of reading. To celebrate, local storyteller, Ann Loar Brooks used words to take students on a journey of their imagination. US Army Master Sergeant Paul Blitz also celebrated the day by sharing one of his favorite stories, “America Is….” by Louise Borden.


walk throughPlush, friendly rain forest animals beckon you to partake of the literary delights in the Arlington Elementary/Middle School Reading Room. As these friendly critters hang about the cubbyholes and tops of shelves, you are drawn into a magical land with a wishing-pond at the bottom of a waterfall, and lovely decorations strategically placed to transport you to the calming ambience of a rainforest! All around are wooden rocking sofas and chairs, stuffed armchairs and tall bistro chairs, so that readers of all ages can find a comfortable place to curl up with a book!!!

kids reading

girl readingOn September 17, 2007 many community leaders gathered to celebrate the new Ben Carson Reading Room, from representatives from the local library to many members of the principal funding organizations, Bank of America and Covenant Guild, Inc., a ladies league whose members had attended the school in their formative years! Inspiring presentations by the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades included readings of the “THINK BIG” acrostic, recited poetry to encourage others to read, and a rousing presentation of the school song with a focus on doing your best academically! Principal Gray’s address became tearful with her heartfelt appreciation of the realization of a dream. And the student reporters and photographers were quite thorough in their documentation of this special event.

The Arlington Elementary/Middle School Reading Room was sponsored primarily by Bank of America and Covenant Guild, Inc.

Bank-of-America-June-2012-High-Resolution   covenant_guild




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