Govans Elementary School

Baltimore, MD

Go, go Govans Elementary Reading Room!
Another pleasant, sunny, fall morning in Baltimore, with heavy traffic you wouldn’t believe, yielded a lovely and inspiring event to thrill one’s soul.  Govans Elementary School motto “Where Excellence Is Expected” is felt throughout the halls.  After a very warm welcome by Principal Linda Taylor, 5th grader Justice Georgie emceed with a flourish.

studentsThe Govans Chorale, composed of 35 3rd-5th graders, and directed by Ysem Brown, then intoned the lively tune “Think Big” chanting the chorus, “I might as well think big….why should any thought be small?  I might as well think big, if I’m gonna think at all!” Local councilman Bill Henry shared familial accounts of reading with his children. As a former Govans student, he really connected well with the entire group, relating his fondness for the local library, where he would often go to visit his literary “friends” (books). The President of the Junior League of Baltimore, Kate Sullivan then spoke on the relationship between her organization and the public schools, noting that the Govans Area community was one of the ones most committed to family.  Their demonstrated caring about children, even brought them to an event during the recent freak snowstorm.

This latest Reading Room is the eighth funded by Bank of America and Ms. Brooke Hodges, their dedicated representative, has been on hand for each and every one!  She mentioned the bank’s effectiveness  in bringing together all resources in the schools, with their financial education initiative, and how the Reading Room would constitute a significant part of rounding out the education of all.

students singingCandy Carson followed with anatomy facts on brain potential and a “rags to riches” story of a friend whose story echoed Dr. Ben’s in many ways.   The dynamic poetry recitation of “The Future is Up to You” by 4th grader Kaiya Williams encouraged listeners to increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Next the Chorale sang and rapped the school song “It’s At Govans” which put forth the idea that “kids are #1”. This presentation had a neat little twist in the choreography at the end, when all the choristers did a little wiggle, ending with arms extended with a cute fingersnap.

In a video recorded message, Dr. Carson brought greetings and said how books can enable you to explore history and the world.  His quote of his mother’s, “If you can read, you can do anything” underscored the fact that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you is you! He concluded his remarks with appreciation of all who helped to make the Reading Room possible.

Assistant Principal Gloria Hayes closed with salient encouraging thoughts from each of the presenters and presented a thank you gift to Ms. Hodges of Bank of America.


girls readingAfter cutting the ribbon, we entered a land filled with uplifting possibilities! Sky blue walls with puffy, cumulus clouds provide the perfect backdrop for the myriad of vibrantly hued, heat-driven aircraft (that would make any balloonist proud), ever drawing beholders’ thoughts skyward.  Comfy kid-sized stuffed sofas and beanbag seats….situated around a colorful rug in the midst of a forest of colorful, full bookcases make this a reader’s paradise!

students reading

Special thanks to Adrienne Canull who painted the murals.


The Govans Elementary School Reading Room opened on November 2, 2011. It was sponsored by Bank of America.



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