Gwynns Falls Elementary School

Baltimore, MD

Gwynns Fall Reading Room Report
In 2011 the CSF and the Verizon Foundation embarked on a pilot program aimed at incorporating technology (e-readers, iPads, interactive white boards, etc.) in Ben Carson Reading Rooms.  Two diverse schools participated in the program:  T.C. Williams High School and Gwynns Falls Elementary School.  The goal was to use technology to improve vocabulary and the ability to comprehend ideas, and to develop critical thinking skills.  Students were quick to embrace the technology and used the new devices to augment their reading experiences.  “It is impossible to over emphasize how much students enjoyed using technology to read, play literacy games, research topics, and learn more about authors,” noted Gwynns Falls Reading Room Coordinator Dr. Shawyn Jenkins.  Both schools documented an increase in reading test scores during the 2012 – 2013 school year bringing the program to a successful conclusion. Click here to see the report from Gwynns Falls Elementary.


Gwynns Falls Family Reading Night
On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, the Ben Carson Reading Room at Gwynns Falls Elementary School hosted a family reading night. This event allowed families and educators to come together to enjoy the fun, comfortable environment that the reading room provides.

family reading nightWhile waiting for the special guests to arrive, students participated in a variety of games including hot potato and freeze dance. Then for the main event, friends from the Maryland Zoo arrived in the ZooMobile with our special guests! Zoo keepers, Ms. Katie and Ms. Lauren read students the book “Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones” while teaching students about all of the different animals that lay eggs. After story time, it was time to meet the special guest….

Raphael, the box turtle was the first guest. Students learned all about the turtle and its’ shell, what turtles eat, where they live, and more.

The next guest, some found a little scary, but everyone was brave and excited to meet Candy Corn, the corn snake. Students learned why snakes shed, why Candy was called a corn snake and all about snakes.

After Candy was safely put away, it was time for the next guest…a big, fuzzy rabbit named Emily. The students were shocked to see how large Emily was and we’re very interested in how high Emily could jump.The final guest was Louie, the parrot. Everyone was excited when Louie said “Hi.”

Before leaving the event, students were provided a drawstring back pack with a book to take home.

A special thank you to Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this event and the reading room at Gwynns Falls.

You can also read about this event on the Baltimore City Schools website, here.


Gwynns Falls Reading Room Rededication
Through the generosity of the Verizon Foundation, state-of-the-art technology is now incorporated in the Ben Carson Reading Room at Gwynns Falls Elementary School. On Decemeber 18, 2012, students and distinguished guests gathered for a rededication ceremony to kick off the pilot program. With the addition of iPads, e-readers, and an interactive white board, students now have the capability to enhance their learning experience.

kids reading

To view all of the pictures from the rededication ceremony, check out our Facebook album here.


Gwynns Falls Elementary School Ben Carson Reading Room
DiscoverOn May 9, 2008 voices rang out at Gwynns Falls Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland as students competed in the Annual Dramatic Reading Contest. Selections ranged from the classics to the whimsical. One young student even went as far as to cover herself from head to toe in Band-Aids as she read a poem by Shel Silverstein about being too sick to go to school…until she realized that it was Saturday! After the judges tallied the scores, Mrs. Candy Carson helped to distibute certificates and awards to the students.

The Reading Room at Gwynns Falls Elementary School opened in November 2006 with funding provided by CitiFinancial.



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