Hannum Elementary School

Oak Lawn, IL

Three reading rooms opened all on one day near Oak Lawn, Illinois, in the Oak Lawn-Hometown School District. Click here to read more about the opening day in our blog.

Hannum wall

The theme, “Read books…it opens up the world to you!”  is beautifully encapsulated in a mural of the world, which takes up most of the wall, with the paler green continents surrounded by deep hunter green oceans on a sky-blue, bright yellow-starred- and puffy-cloud-filled background, transforming the concrete block.  This special corner of the library had been transformed into a reading sanctuary for students. Perched about the perimeter of the earth mural are silhouetted houses and buildings of various colors around the edge, roofs pointing outward. Encouraging book-themed mini-posters keep patrons upbeat.  Upward-reaching red and blue balloons are festively anchored at the entrance.

Hannum wall 2A 12-foot-long charcoal gray upholstered sectional composes one ‘wall’ of the reading room, adorned with red, blue and chartreuse throw pillows, while a couple of tubular-framed chartreuse-fabric chairs each with a magenta-background twin-owl pillow beckon readers to get comfy with a stuffed or human friend! Two teal bookcases under the mural are topped with a more standard-hued globe of the world, in the midst of several standing, opened books, inviting students to discover their treasures, with a stuffed kangaroo and her joey on one end, and a stuffed Piglet on the other watching over the readers. White popcorn-holed bins for quick access to storybooks populate the shelves. The 5’ window, obscured by the audio-visual screen is framed with purple curtains. Perhaps this will be the site of future video book reviews…

HannumBoy (2)A corner red table has e-books in their chargers patiently waiting for students to scoop them up and journey to a new land. The coordinating primary red rectangular “coffee table” centered on the plush purple carpet shows off some favorite books around a royal blue bin with red fluency phones. These amazingly simple tools can be utilized by students to gauge the enunciation and expression of their vocal reading, encouraging independent reading, self-expression, and building self-confidence. The black metal rotating book rack near the entrance is completely packed with even more books!

HannumAdmin (2)


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