Hilltop Elementary School

Glen Burnie, MD

Hilltop Elementary School

The Hilltop Elementary Reading Room, sponsored by Allegis Corporation, opened September 24, 2003. This was the first Anne Arundel County Reading Room.


Since the 2012-2013 school year began, students have read over 1,700 books in the school’s Ben Carson Reading Room.Through the generosity of a donor, nearly 150 new books were added to the school’s book collection.


It was another successful year at Hilltop Elementary School. 2,933 BOOKS! That’s the number of books read between January 2008 through May 2008. The Ben Carson Reading Room is open all day long, every school day.

“The room reminds our students to THINK BIG. They are taught that Dr. Ben Carson believes in them, and that people who read achieve. They are reminded, as they are surrounded by beautifully painted, book-filled shelves, of the generosity of others.”

– Jane Anders, Media Teacher –



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