HOPE Academy

Baltimore, MD


cakeOn May 31st, an intense feeling of anticipation greeted us as we entered H.O.P.E. Academy on Baltimore’s east side. The walls of the chapel displayed historical figures and positive role models as an encouragement to all who would enter. Principal Mary McCrea emceed the program that included several songs by the entire student body, accompanied by hand and body motions! The haunting musical chant of “I am a promise, I am a poss-i-bil-i-ty, I am a promise, with a capital ’P’”, along with the next phrase, “I am a great, big bundle of Po-ten-ti-al-i-ty”, could play a big part in helping our youth to be the best they can be, instilling the positive self-esteem and can-do attitude that is sorely lacking in many students!


The 2nd and 3rd graders did a THINK BIG presentation, each holding a placard with one of the letters. Several pre-K and 1st grade students demontrated their advanced capabilities with their live readings of 3rd and 4th grade-level stories! Dr. Delores Harvey, a friend of the school and the Ben Carson Reading Room Project, was the keynote speaker. A huge poster on stage proclaimed, “In Books, We Discover Others and Ourselves….Our Past-Our Present-Our Future.”


Several board members, parents, and local clergy were present as well. Sincere thanks to our Reading Room funder, The Allegis Group, for making the dream a reality.



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