John Sloat Elementary School

Sacramento, CA

campfire 2Experiencing the outdoors in a bug-free environment is the neat effect of this room! The bark colored, over-stuffed, square-like sofa and chairs were situated around a woven brown indoor and outdoor mat. Just beyond that is a circular brown rug with curved, stone-brick edging forming a fire pit. However, the logs inside the pit are soft and responsive pillows! Two red and blue folding camping chairs and natural wood Adirondack chairs encircle the pit. A fold-up gray and blue duet camping seat sits against the rear wall completing the seating. On either side of the duet camper are tall Ficus Benjaminas (benjamin trees)! One can see how the requisite navy tweed wall-to-wall carpet could be seen as a calming sea or raging waters, with the brown rugs as islands, supporting reading oases for children.

kids reading on couch

Several landscape pictures on the walls, taken from unique perspectives capture the attention and put one’s mind in an outdoorsy mode. These were expertly photographed and taken by a teacher’s spouse.

candy with staff

The left wall comes to life with tree branches reaching up from the floor — as we all should reach higher in our quest for knowledge — on a muted sky blue background, blending perfectly with the color scheme.

students readingThe traditional bag chairs, in regular vinyl and a new brown and chevron velour covering were in the front right corner from the entrance.  Small potted plants add a touch of the outdoors as well. They were scattered strategically amongst the exciting reading material in bookshelves and on small wooden tables sporting more books. Some of the pillows in navy, have night owls perched on a branch, napping with a quarter moon overhead.  And the yellow background cubic pillows on the sofas have wise owls on them as well. But students who come to this room do not have time for napping, since the excitement of the adventures they discover in all the books won’t let them!

Special thanks again to the Richard Lumsden Foundation for making this haven of learning and exploration a reality!


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