Kolmar School

Oak Lawn, IL

students readingWhen you enter the library at Kolmar Elementary School, on the right, you have traditional and great reading resources, but on the left is a reading adventure explosion!! Sturdy, supple, thickly-padded leather sofas and armchairs in black and red are so comfy, students don’t mind doubling up in them! Tables, in the midst of the soft seating, are loaded with reading material. Framed and enlarged book covers populate the walls in artistic formations. The pillows, designed like your favorite classics, such as Treasure Island and Sherlock Holmes, tempt you to grab a book quickly, so the adventure can begin soon! Trapezoid-cube ottomans in gray and black are situated to encourage individualized reading.

Candy with students

couch with pillowsThe rug between the black sofas, with its variegated circles in several colors, could be a representation of stepping stones, which emphasizes that books are stepping stones to success! Most of the bookshelves in this reading room are under the wide windows that take up the entire wall on one side. Red wicker baskets hold the bound adventures, beckoning children to “Come, take a trip with me!” On top of those bookshelves are…….you guessed it, more books, which were quite artfully displayed! There are even books on top of the cabinets over the sink with daisies!

students reading 2

staff and sponsorsOpposite the windows is a large plaque, designed, crafted and painted by a teacher from the school. She had a vision and through her efforts, it came to be! It says, “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!” And last but not least are the 3-dimensional letters, “R,”  “E,”  “A,”  “D,” in bright red with small white lights. Will reading light up your world?  Try it and you’ll see!! You will note in the photos that ALL of the e-readers are in use!  Not one was left in the base unit!!

Thank you to our generous sponsors, Advocate Christ Medical Center and again to all the wonderful volunteers who made this possible.

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