Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD

Faculty and staff at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle said, “The reading room offers our teachers an opportunity to explore various genres of literature with their children beyond classroom libraries.” Another faculty member said, “The reading room has had a positive effect on building our children’s self-confidence when reading, building their stamina for reading, and increasing their reading fluency.”

On Monday, November 15, 2010 students across the country celebrated the 5th Annual Ben Carson Reading Day.  The event, held in conjunction with American Education Week, is designed to raise awareness about the importance of reading and to promote reading as a leisure activity.

In celebration, Ben Carson Reading Rooms planned special activities in their rooms.  Click above to view WBFF Fox 45 News Anchor Jennifer Gilbert as she shares her love of reading with students at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School.




On November 4, 2009 you could feel the excitement in the air at Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City as the school prepared to open their new Ben Carson Reading Room. The festivities began with an all school assembly attended by Brooke Hodges of Bank of America and Mrs. Candy Carson. Many parents and community members joined in the celebration. Students participated in the program by singing songs, reciting poems about reading, and sharing Dr. Carson’s “THINK BIG” philosophy.



After the ceremony, guests were escorted upstairs for the unveiling of the Reading Room. Ooohs and aaahs echoed down the hallway as guests peered into the Reading Room for the first time. A huge tree and bright, vibrant flowers painted onto the walls give the room an outdoor feel. Several reading nooks accented with comfortable benches, sofas, and stools beckon children to curl up with a good book. Numerous books featuring a variety of authors, topics, and genres overflow in colorful bins throughout the room.

This is the fourth Ben Carson Reading Room supported by Bank of America. The partnership with Bank of America ensures that young minds continue to develop the skills necessary to promote life long learning.



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