Patagonia Montessori Elementary School

Patagonia, AZ

Sponsored By: Mr. John Henry Kendall

Date Established: December 8, 2016

The Weekly Bulletin (12/30/2016): New reading room opens at Patagonia Montessori School

Sponsored by Mr. John Henry Kendall, a new Ben Carson Reading Room opened at Patagonia Montessori Elementary School in Patagonia, AZ on December 8. At an assembly held to celebrate the room’s opening, students shared the meaning of ‘Think Big,’ sang a song, and read selected poems.  Special messages were shared with students by Mr. John Henry Kendall and Mr. Alfredo Velasquez, Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools. The blue, yellow, and green reading room at Patagonia Montessori instills a feeling of tranquility upon entering the room. Two oversize couches fill the room where students can relax and curl up with a good book. The reading room at Patagonia Montessori is the first to open in Arizona and the second sponsored by Mr. John Henry Kendall.



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