Pleasant Run Elementary School

Indianapolis, IN

Food for thought at the THINK BIG Diner!

Two lush, 5-foot tall Ficus Benjamina trees in large pots stand as sentinels on each side of the entrance to the THINK BIG DINER, the new Ben Carson Reading Room in a section of the Pleasant Run Elementary School library in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The trees are next to the chrome ½ walls that make up the backs of 6’-wide benches.


In the style of the 50’s, with the color theme of chrome, black and red, a typical dining booth sits across from the entry benches, and the designers accented the table with a plate holding a larger-than-life 12” diameter sandwich.  This is no ordinary sandwich, however.  In keeping with the “food for thought”, “brain foods” theme, the “meat” of the sandwich was a stack of books!


BCSREADINGROOM 031Next to the marquis with the diner’s name was a very apropos clock.  Reminiscent of the popular sunburst clocks of the era, instead of rays radiating from the clock’s center, there were alternating forks and spoons! Posters from the 50’s round out the décor.  An ice cream sundae composed of flowers in a tall soda fountain glass with 2 straws added a bit of 50’s flavor as well!

We extend our sincerest thanks to the Indiana University School of Medicine for their donation and making this Reading Room possible!

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