Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School

Baltimore, MD

Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School


The Ben Carson Reading Room at Rognel Heights Elementary Middle School has been remodeled thanks to the efforts of the administrators and staff.  The Rognel Heights Rams got their first glimpse of the reading room as they celebrated Ben Carson Reading Day 2014.  How can reading not be fun in a place like this?  What a wonderful place to visit to teach children about books and the importance of reading.

students on rug

Students at Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School celebrated the 2nd Annual Ben Carson Reading Day with a visit from local author, Robyn Ringgold. Robyn read her book “My Mom Hugs Trees” to the younger students and explained the publishing process to the older students.

This event was sponsored by The Doris M. Carter Family Foundation.
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roomSeveral Carson Scholars led the program at the opening of the Ben Carson Reading Room at radiant Rognel Heights Elementary/Middle School on March 29th. Thomas Crawford, SVP of Commercial Banking, Cheryl Yuille, and Chris Rahl from Provident Bank, the sponsor, attended the opening to show their support. Provident Bank also participates in a program called Project Hope. Rognel Heights was a target elementary school for this program which teaches students about money and the basics of banking. Also on hand were members of the community including Pam Goins, from the MTA along with parents and grandparents.

reading area

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Provident Bank is now a part of M&T Bank


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