Swansea Elementary School

Denver, CO

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The Swansea Elementary School Ben Carson Reading Room opened on October 18, 2011. Swansea is one of five Denver Reading Rooms, all opening on the same day! These five rooms are also the first Ben Carson Reading Rooms in the state of Colorado.
parrotsIn the jungle, the mighty jungle…the lions, anteaters, and tigers watch in awe, as students enter the Swansea Elementary School Reading Room for the first time. The walls are filled with vines and green bookshelves that fully envelop the books in the jungle theme. As the students browse for the perfect story, the jungle creatures look as if they could pounce at any minute, thanks to the realistic painting by mural artist Raphael. (Luckily the jungle cats are not alive, so students are safe as they are swept away by their favorite stories.)

The room is right in the middle of the school, and is complete with plush beanbags perfect for settling down with a book.  Sincere thanks to principal Gilberto Munoz’s leadership, Mary Kay Bellwood’s vision and direction, and parent advisor Kenia Abeyta’s resourcefulness in making this Reading Room a success.


The Colfax Elementary School Reading Room was sponsored primarily by the Richard Lumsden Foundation.  We appreciate their generosity and support of the future of our children and love for reading!


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