Swansfield Elementary School

Columbia, MD

Swansfield Elementary School

2012 Update: Students read 47,060 minutes in their Ben Carson Reading Room.

A coordinator at the school said, “The students enjoy the ‘free’ time to choose any book they want regardless of reading level. They have the opportunity to sample many different books and decide what books might interest them. The children say that they love the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that the Ben Carson Reading Room provides and they can talk to volunteers about good recommendations.”



The Ben Carson Reading Room at Swanfield Elementary School opened on Monday, November 5, 2007. This is the first Reading Room location in Howard County and the 37th Reading Room for the Carson Scholars Fund.

Howard County Executive, Ken Ulman was on hand to commemorate this day. The Reading Room has a special meaning for Maryland Delegate, Liz Bobo. Several years ago, Dr. Carson operated on her grandson. Delegate Bobo was pleased to share with the students that her grandson has made a full recovery and is now a high school freshman.

Later in the program, Mrs. Greenman led the students in song “In the Pages of a Book.” Swansfield staff members also took a few minutes to share their favorite books titles with the students.


The program ended with a transformation video. Students watched in awe as their Reading Room was tranformed from a former supply and resource room into a backyard oasis while Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” played in the background.

Step through the doorway to enter Swansfield’s indoor backyard ready to read. The cozy room is filled with over 1,900 new books ranging from fascinating new stories to well-loved classics to engaging nonfiction. Each month they will feature books recommended by the teachers as well as showcase different types of books and themes that students can enjoy. They hope that the students’ imaginations will start to soar and their minds expand, because Excellence Starts Here at Swansfield Elementary School.

Without funding and support from room sponsor Allegis, this endeavor would not be possible.  We thank Allegis for their continued support.  



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