Ware Elementary

Tyler, TX

Ware Elementary School Ben Carson Reading Room

5On March 26, 2015, a beautiful spring day in Longview, Texas at Ware Elementary School opened its Ben Carson Reading Room. Unlike many Ben Carson Reading Rooms that remain tucked away until the grand opening ceremony, the reading room at Ware Elementary School was being built in an open space on the second floor of the school. Weekly students passed by and could see the transformation taking place in the once empty open space. As time progressed, their anticipation grew knowing the project was almost complete and that they would finally be able to enjoy their anxiously awaited Ben Carson Reading Room!


During the program, Principal Sarah Sheppard, who spearheaded the reading room project herself along with the help of some of her teachers, shared words of wisdom to the students. In addition, Dr. Claire Tibiletti spoke and represented The Texas Spine and Joint Hospital, which was the room sponsor. There was also a presentation by a group of students using the THINK BIG acronym and a beautiful selection by the school choir. After the opening ceremony, the ribbon cutting portion had arrived and then students and parents alike were welcomed to the second floor to view their magnificent new Ben Carson Reading Room.


The opening at Ware Elementary was the 121st Ben Carson Reading Room. The school has 775 students and the principal’s goal was to design a safe and relaxing place for them. The Ben Carson Reading Room in Ware Elementary is one of six schools in Texas to have a reading room. This particular room has colorful over-sized furniture, THINK BIG artwork on the walls and over 500 books!


A special thanks to The Texas Spine and Joint Hospital for sponsoring this reading room!


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