Wellwood International

Baltimore, MD

2012 Update: Students logged an impressive 614,290 minutes of leisure reading.

Wellwood International told us, “The biggest impact on the students when they come to the Ben Carson Reading Room is that they are so proud to have their turn to come and read. They love reading in the room in their comfy bean bags. Students are always asking when they can come and read in the room. The students realize how important independent reading is to their lives because our program shows them immediate rewards and help instill the long-term reward of making reading for enjoyment an intrinsic part of their lives.”

Wellwood 2

The Ben Carson Reading Room at Wellwood International School

81 hours and 30 minutes! That is the amount of time that a student at Wellwood International School in Baltimore County has to read cumulatively to reach the highest level in the Ben Carson Reading Room. We are ecstatic to announce that 100 students were able to achieve this goal this year. We are also happy to report that the room is used on a daily basis as a reward to students who reach various reading levels.

Wellwood 4Wellwood 5Thanks to the vision and commitment of Louis and Phyllis Friedman, the students at Wellwood International are embracing the joy of independent reading. We sincerely thank Louis and Phyllis for their generous and continued support.


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