Spring Valley Elementary School

O'Neals, CA

Spring Valley School, located in O’Neals, California, celebrated its Think Big Reading Room grand opening on Tuesday, May 7. Spring Valley shook up the traditional reading room opening as they began the event after school, just before the school’s open house. It was a giant success! Many students, parents and teachers came to celebrate the hard work that went into creating the cozy space along with honoring Eleni and Wolfgang Gagon, the room’s sponsors. Community members, school board members and the district’s superintendent all came out to support Spring Valley and their efforts to boost a love of reading amongst their students. The whimsically themed reading room is a child’s dream. Clouds are strung from the ceiling, and fantasy-like creatures soar above the young readers who may be sunken in bean bag chairs or sprawled out on the carpet. This is the first reading room in O’Neals and the 30th in California.

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