Tiger Creek and West Side Elementary Schools

Tunnel Hill, GA / Rossville, GA

The number ‘three’ has special meaning in children’s literary works. After all, there were Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Musketeers just to name a few. For students in Northwest Georgia, three has a new meaning: it is the number of Ben Carson Reading Rooms located in Catoosa County Schools. On the morning of Monday, October 22, West Side Elementary opened its “Camp Carson” themed reading room followed with an afternoon unveiling of “Carson Castle” at Tiger Creek Elementary. These are the second and third reading rooms to be sponsored by the Holland Family Foundation in Catoosa County Schools, joining the ranks of Cloud Springs Elementary, the first school in the county to receive this distinction.

While the themes of the reading rooms are strikingly different both schools worked diligently to create a book-filled reading oasis. At Camp Carson, students have the option of reading in a hollowed out tree trunk, in a tent, or next to a faux camp fire. Students at Tiger Creek enter their medieval reading room by walking across the castle’s drawbridge. Once inside, students can choose from numerous comfy seating options. Both reading rooms boast a robust book collection guaranteed to entice children to read, dream, and find adventure.

CSF co-founder Mrs. Candy Carson attended both openings and reflected on how the reading rooms provide opportunities and hope. “Once you have one child with hope, it becomes a ripple effect. Hope extends to his classmates, friends and family, therefore, positively impacting the child, his family, and the community,” she said.

To view more photos from West Side’s Reading Room Opening, click here. To view photos from Tiger Creek’s Reading Room Opening, click here.


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