Six thousand seven hundred scholarships and counting...

California/West Coast

West Coast Chapter in 2014: 

  • 45 New Carson Scholars on the West Coast
  • 29 Recognized Scholars on the West Coast
  • 215 total West Coast Carson Scholars

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West Coast Chapter News: 

Fifth Annual West Coast Awards Banquet

At the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego, West Coast guests spent the evening honoring scholars and exploring the aquarium exhibits. Dr. and Mrs. Carson along with our partners, Union Bank, congratulated 34 new and 24 previous scholars at the West Coast Awards Banquet. Scholars, their families and guests were able to enjoy this beautiful Oceanside destination prior to the event.

2014 West Coast Awards Banquet Photos


Fourth Annual West Coast Awards Banquet

West Coast Awards BanquetSoaring to new heights!  For the first time the California Science Center in Los Angeles hosted the West Coast Awards ceremony for the Carson Scholars Fund.  You are transported into space as soon as you enter the lobby when you eyes are drawn to look up to see two fighter jets soaring near the ceiling, under the huge skylights. 

2013 West Coast Banquet photos 


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