In Reading Rooms on 10/04/2019 - 11:03 AM

Pioneer Elementary School Opens New Think Big Reading Room

On Friday, September 20,Pioneer Elementary in Escondido, CA, summoned fearless explorers to the campus to unveil the school’s new jungle-themed Think Big Reading Room and to celebrate literacy.  The day’s festivities began with an all-school outside assembly.    During the ceremony student ambassadors shared the meaning of Think Big and the third grade students sang a song about respect.  After the pomp and circumstance, guests were escorted to the school’s Think Big Reading Room.  The double doors leading into the reading room cautioned explorers that “it’s a jungle in here,” however, instead of getting lost in thick, thorny brush, students can get lost in a good book.   This vibrant reading room features numerous seating options and huge green leaves strategically placed throughout the room to filter out harsh fluorescent lights making the space both adventurous and relaxing.  Adorable stuffed jungle animals keep watchful eyes on the students as they explore a book collection that contains nearly 3,000 fiction and non-fiction books.


Click here to view photos from the opening.

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