Laurel Elementary School

Oceanside, CA

Laurel Elementary understands the importance of reading. Reading achievement and time students spend reading for pleasure were top priorities for the school heading into the new school year. Located in Oceanside, California, the Starry Night-themed reading space is located in the school’s library and features beautiful mural work throughout the space. Stunning renditions of classic paintings make every visitor stop and marvel and create an enriching environment for students to get lost in a good book. Principal Chavarria, along with the school’s Parent Teacher Organization, formed a partnership with a local artist who enticed students and parents into the vision of the reading space. In the weeks leading up to the March 8 grand opening, the school hosted a Family Literacy Night to prime the community’s excitement about their new reading room by having students and families contribute to the large tapestries which are prominently displayed in the reading space. Oceanside Unified School District’s superintendent and board members, along with its community members, gathered to celebrate. The school works to prioritize reading, and their goal culminated with the unveiling of their new reading room. A special tribute was presented to the Gagon Trust who sponsored the reading room.

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